Tuesday, March 4, 2014

50 States Marathon Club - Reward yourself with a Custom Map

Today we feature the 50 States Marathon Club 

Believe it or not, there are folks out there trying to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. Once they do so they are official members of the '50 States Marathon Club'. What an incredible accomplishment!! To do such a thing takes such dedication: time, travel, financial, planning, & self discipline. Today there are over 3,000 people having completed or are completing their states!

So now you have a glob of medals on the wall and a few of your favorite race bibs. These say "I have run a lot of races!" A map showing the name of each race, the date completed, & location tells a tremendous story. I may be biased, but maps are beautiful pieces of art that can be displayed in the home. Picture a map showing all your completed races with all your medals hanging below &/or around it. Now that is great keepsake and reminder of your grand accomplishment.

Nomad Mapping wants to make you a map of your current progress or final accomplishment. We will work with you to make a completely custom map. You will have the ability to chose:
  • What style of map you will have
  • The background
  • The colors
  • The scale (a single state, the whole US, the entire World)
Below is an example of the map I have been making for Angie, as I have tracked her progress for a couple years. She has now completed 18 of her 50 states!

Contact Nomad Mapping today to discuss what we can create for you & a quote.

Happy Running!
Nomad Mapping

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